PC based Voice Logger System

A PC based Multi-Channel voice recoding system exclusively designed to keep the records and logs of telephonic conversation in an organization. Voice Logger used as the safeguard for the disputes arising from telephonic information gap. Generally it is associated with the dealing, buying-selling or service oriented calls. If organizations decide the total recording of agent/customer interactions that will allow management to:

  • Have an audio record of the disputed calls from both ends.
  • The logs can be used as legal protection of that organization.
  • Monitor the conversation between the agents or customers, even online.
  • Develop Agents responsibilities to quality call handling practices.
  • Protect your agents from unfair accusations.
  • Administrator is able to configure different level of accessibility for agents.
  • Record from the trunk or extension.
  • Each telephone line or extension recordings saves in separate folders.
  • Sound conversion facilities of the recorded messages to wave format.
  • Simultaneously it saves multiple copies of audio files to different HDD or any removable media.

Industry Uses:

 Air Traffic Control

  • Mandatory recording of pilot communications


  • Reduce errors in reservations
  • Identify & resolve customer relations problems
  • Train & motivate customer service reps with examples of good calls

Police, Fire, Ambulance, DGFI, NSI, RAB and 999 dispatch services

  • Mandatory recording of emergency calls and command center communications

Auto dealers

  • Record sales calls to train and motivate your sales and service staff.

Banks, Brokerages, Mortgage and Financial services

  • Record client calls and requests for liability protection.

Hospitals, care centers, doctors & dentist offices

  • Record emergency calls to double check vital details
  • Avoid scheduling conflicts by recording appointment requests.

Sales, tech support or service call centers

  • Train & motivate staff with recordings that are easy to access and share.
  • Quicken communication with custom notes that automatically alert supervisors to recordings that need their attention.
  • Quality control tests make performance reviews easy.
  • Call volume reports help management optimize staffing schedules

Construction contractors, concrete manufacturers

  • Quickly find call recordings by order number to assure exact order requirements are met and as a simple way to diffuse client disputes.

Government and Military

  • Increase security by detecting & deterring inappropriate calls.