Call Center Solution for Sanofi Aventis

Business Automation has integrated the call center for Sanofi Aventis Bangladesh for their call center operation for diabetic patients. The system has IVR, voicemail, ACD and CRM application. The components are interlinked and integrated for synchronized performance of the helpdesk doctors. When the calls are coming, the doctors are getting a screen pop for the patients, archiving the advice log in the patient history. The MIS reports are generating analysis on patients. The tools used are J2EE and PowerConnect with MySQL database.The CRM integrated Call center solution has following main features:

Patients can call to there respective doctors through the call center by a single Telephone Number. The Doctor can see who is calling with the Patients history and can accept or transfer the call to other doctor. If the doctor is not available to office, the call can be further transfer to the doctor’s mobile phone or the patient can keep a voice message for the doctor. This message can be further transferred to the doctor via e-mail.   The call center can call to various patients according to schedule, which the doctor sets. The doctor can call the patient by using a soft phone from the CRM. The system further facilitates the user through producing different MIS reports.