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In today’s business world, the need for mobile solutions is growing rapidly. With increasing customer orientation, more and more people spend considerable time out of the office: service delivery people, customer service representative etc. At the same time, these external company representatives Are facing increasing demands for more information and faster turn-around, and expected to provide it all as inexpensively as possible.

Direct mobile access to company business applications and data can help to facilitate many of these processes, while yielding enormous gains in quality and efficiency. Providing employees with access to the company’s retailing system or various databases when away from their office PC not only saves time and money, but also ensures invaluable competitive advantages. 

Business Automation has been working with such solutions since 2003. After success of using SMS in corporate data collection solution, which has been awarded as one of the best IT projects in Bangladesh (awarded by Bangladesh Association for Software & Information Services), the company has gathered the needs on market information collection of different local corporate. After the introduction of GPRS countrywide, the company has introduced the solution for Field Force Automation through mobile phones. Under the system, the employees will have pre-installed software in their mobile phones where they punch data like sales/order/stock information right in front of the retail point. The central server processes the data and provides necessary operational data support. The solution is extremely flexible and allows any sort of customization to meet the unique requirements of particular corporate.
Deployment Diagram of Business Express
Key features:

Data flexibility
•    Can use suitable data connector for any industry standard backend database package.
•    Data can be integrated with any internal CRM or ERP.

Data integrity
•    Encryption and Decryption upon sending and receiving to preserve data integrity.
•    Password protection.
•    Restricted administrative access.

Fully configurable and customizable
•    Configurable as per the requirement and business rule.
•    Configurable to any workflow system.

Optimized use of the device
•    Effective use of small screens for user friendly GUI
•    Low operation in the device as all calculations are done on the  server side.

System requirements for Business Express Solution:

Required Hardware & OS:
•    Intel Pentium 4 Processor with 2.5 GHz clock speed or more
•    1 GB RAM
•    40 GB free hard drive space for Application and Database
•    Linux Enterprise Edition 4.x/Windows 2003 server or compatible
•    Apache Tomcat Web Server 5.x or compatible

Database Server:
•    Industry Standard backend database system (Oracle 8i or above/MS SQL 2000 or above /MySQL 4.1 or compatible)

Required at client side (hand held device):
•    Java Mobile Edition enabled device with GPRS /EDGE connectivity.

Case Study

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