Our Expertise

We are proud to be involved and to contribute in almost all the major and significant projects being implemented for the modernization of different aspects of web-based and mobile application and maintenance & operation especially for different government organizations of Bangladesh.

Area of Expertise
The company has specialized in following business categories of IT:

Managed Projects-
Different organizations (Government & Enterprise) need IT solution and IT Help Desk support services according to their business requirements that are diversified in nature for managing operations which includes:
• Web based application software (e-Government/e-Service Solution)
• Mobile Application development
• Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) & Management Information System (MIS)
• Document Management System
• System Integration
• Data Collection & Management
• Hardware Supply, Installation & Commissioning
• Providing ICT related Training & Knowledge transfer
• Establishment of Contact/ Call Centre for providing Call centre operation service or IT Helpdesk Support service
• Establishment of Data Processing Centre and operation of data capturing and data processing service
• Establishment of Network and Hardware
• Data migration and Data entry
• Maintenance and operation, etc.
• Customer Queue Management System
Considering the above requirements, we have focused on Managed /Build Operate Transfer (BOT) solutions. Under this area, we provide a complete set of solution or tailor-made components to fulfill the customer’s needs. We have successfully run various Managed /BOT projects for Government organizations, Donor agencies, Private organizations, Autonomous bodies, etc.


Decision Support System-
The organizations build different software for managing their operations and mostly the operation team looks after the reporting. The major challenges from the top management is that how can they get a simple overview, quickly to make a decision on each moment?
Through DSS or MIS system, Business Automation Ltd provides a platform for analyzing organization’s accumulated data and extracting useful insight from it and decision makers get the right information, at the right time, in the right place, enabling them to make better decisions. Business Automation Ltd provides necessary licenses, consulting services, training, development service etc.


Customer Service-
One key goal of all organizations including Government is to achieve a continuous and a high level of customer satisfaction in the delivery of services and/or products. Such satisfaction is believed to be the basis of long-term profitability and business growth. Customer service is the most important part of business. That’s why Business Automation Ltd has a special focus on solutions for improvement of customer services, increase customer satisfaction and measure the efficiency:
• Call Centre & Helpdesk Support Service
• Queue Pro – Queue Management System
• Business Express with mobile app
• IVR (Interactive Voice Response) System
• Smart Attendant -Unified Messaging Solution
• PC based Voice Logger System
• SMS Plus -Corporate SMS/Text Message Solutions