QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) for Transcom Group
QlikView Business Intelligence (BI) for Transcom Group

Business Automation Ltd. has awarded for QlikView License and deployment services for one of the prestigious company in Bangladesh Named Transcom Group. Transcom Group evaluated the solutions we offer and observe the power of the Business Intelligence software solutions and feel the needs of their daily business decision making for their management.

Analyze trends to capture market share and consumer loyalty. Build and manage the intelligent supply chain that can respond to consumer demand signals, delivering high levels of product availability. Simultaneously reduce transportation costs and focus on efficiency across all operations. Optimize marketing investment to maximize sales, margin, and return on investment.

Empower the consumer-driven value chain across the organization

Consumer Products companies are operating increasingly complex global supply and distribution networks. Close collaboration is required with suppliers and trading partners to gain real-time visibility into business operations. Brand and category innovation requires deep consumer and shopper insights. In an environment of increasing cost pressures, profitability depends on identifying efficiency across the value chain.

Using QlikView Business Discovery platform, Consumer Products companies can:

Segment markets, competition and customers to understand and deliver maximum profit by category and brand

Drive sourcing and procurement efficiencies

Improve collaboration with partners and suppliers by providing visibility and data insights across the entire value chain

Exert greater discipline in marketing campaigns, promotion management and pricing to drive enhanced outcomes

Integrate retailer sales data, consumer sentiment insights and sell-through information to provide a complete picture of demand and product performance

Synchronize operational processes using real-time production insights

Ensure trusted and timely regulatory compliance by enabling drill-down visibility into quality assurance, product safety, and recall measures

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