Field Force Automation for British American Tobacco Pakistan

British American TobaccoBritish American Tobacco Pakistan (BATP)has implemented “Business Express SMS based solution for field force automation executed by Business Automation Ltd. BATP collecting sales and stock data on daily basis from the distributors without any human processing. The solution assisted BATP to manage the entire sales/stock data collection process from the market via the mobile-based application using SMS when required.

Business Automation Ltd. has been working with such solutions since 2003. After the success of using SMS incorporate data collection solution (called SMS Plus), which has been awarded as one of the best IT projects in Bangladesh (awarded by Bangladesh Association for Software & Information Services), the company has gathered the needs on market information collection of different local corporate. After the introduction of GPRS countrywide, the company has introduced the solution (Business Express) for Field Force Automation through mobile phones. Under the system, the employees will have pre-installed software on their mobile phones where they punch data like sales/order/stock information right in front of the retail point. The central server processes the data and provides necessary operational data support. The solution (Business Express) is extremely flexible and allows any sort of customization to meet the unique requirements of particular corporate.

British American Tobacco has been in business for more than 100 years. They were born international and today are still the world’s most international tobacco business. With their broad geographic base, they are well represented in both developed and developing markets around the world. After a century’s experience in operating locally across hugely diverse cultures. British American Tobacco is the only international tobacco group that spans the full production cycle from crop to consumer.