15 Firms in Dhaka EPZ get automated

Business Automation Limited was assigned to develop and maintain a software for automation systems of Dhaka EPZ Dhaka for automation of the Export Processing Zones. The system has been formally inaugurated and launched its operation for export, import and sub-contract permits in ceremony on Monday, the 7th June, 2010.  Business Automation Limited has also been assigned to automate the rest 78 companies of the Dhaka EPZ. The inauguration ceremony was attended by among others the Chairman of the Dhaka Export Processing Zones as Chief Guest besides other distinguished and commercially important persons and representatives of sub-contractors, donor agencies both from home and abroad. Mr. Jahidul Hasan, Executive Director of Business Automation also attended the ceremony. In his speech he identified the challenges to full automation of the EPZs and stressed for its continuity and upgradation. In the inaugural ceremony the Executive Chairman Brigadier General Jamil Ahmed Khan has formally launched the automation.