Business Automation is providing software solution to Brunei Govt.

Business Automation Ltd. has been jointly awarded with work order for the Ministry of Development of the Government of Brunei for automatic analysis with the object of preparation and distribution of reports as per requirements and distribution on different aspects through Business Intelligence selecting data analysis solution and to supply Business Automation Ltd. has been awarded jointly with a Brunei based company through competitive tender.

The Chief Executive Officer of Business Automation Ltd. Mr. Jahidul Hasan Mitul said that the Business Intelligence is most modern software which is capable to prepare a fruitful report for a business enterprise. He also stated that with this deal the software market abroad will be further expanded and thus the software Engineers of our country will get more scope and opportunity for their employment in foreign countries.

Business Automation Ltd. in the meantime has been able to implement successfully of its Queue Management solution in India, UAE (Dubai) and Argentina.

About Business Automation: Business Automation Ltd. is a system integration company established in 1998. It™ portfolio of services includes enterprise application integration and implementation, enterprise information technology (IT) solutions. It offers services in the area of custom application development, service-oriented architecture, enterprise reporting solutions and mobile application development. Business Automation is an ISO 9001:2008 certified company.