Business Automation becomes BankFlex® Integration Partner

Dhaka 18th June 2014: Business Automation Ltd. a leading System Integration company of Bangladesh, becomes BankFlex® integration partner in the territory of Bangladesh. The partnership aims to deliver BankFlex®, a modern, highly secure, multi-channel banking solution to banks and financial institutions in the region.

BankFlex®is a well-proven and an innovative multi-channel banking suite that fulfills the need of new generation banking. BankFlex® comprises a robust framework called BankFlex® platform, and various banking channel solutions built over it, viz. Internet Banking for personal and corporate customers, Mobile Banking, Mobile Wallet, SMS Banking, Telephone Banking, ATM, Teller, Open Account and Correspondent Banking supported byBankFlex®MAC, which is a comprehensive and interactive back-end tool for bank staff to monitors, administer and configures BankFlex®channel solution during deployment and in production.

BankFlex® uses open platforms and technologies that ensure a high measure of efficiency, robustness and security.  BankFlex® empowers banks to rapidly maximize the value of their customer relationships across multiple channels in a uniquely stable, flexible, secure and low-cost environment.  Available on .NET and Java platforms, BankFlex®is highly configurable, flexible and scalable and is characterized by significantly lower costs of implementation and ownership in a highly secure environment.

The usage of SOA based architecture makes BankFlex®more agile, adds orchestration capabilities across various channels and facilitates easier integration with core banking, card management, bill payment, payment gateways, fraud detection, CRM, and other external systems. BankFlex® is highly secure and is based on n-factor authentication and can be easily delivered to bank’s choice of security standards because of its highly configurable security framework. BankFlex®can integrate with various security systems that bank employs such as Smart Card systems, Digital Certificate servers and has integration with world-leading security and authentication solution providers like RSA and Experian QAS. Armed with multi-dimensional banking features, BankFlex®provides its customers comprehensive and secure solution to carry out their financial transactions.

About Business Automation Ltd.:

Business Automation Ltd. is a software development company established in 1998. The company’s portfolio of services includes enterprise application integration and implementation, enterprise information technology (IT) solutions, offshore development service and technical support. It offers services in the area of custom application development, service-oriented architecture and mobile application development. With its comprehensive understanding of diverse business verticals and wide resources, Business Automation mobilizes the right people, skills, and technologies to help organizations enhance its performance and transform cost burdens into competitive business assets.

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BankFlex®has been designed and architected by specialist banking technologists investing more than 350 man-years.  BankFlex® its latest generation cutting-edge multi-channel banking solution which has been based on its team’s experience spanning more than 17 years of successfully implementing multi-channel banking solutions in leading banks worldwide.  BankFlex® is a flagship product of Eon Technologies, headquartered in the UK. For further details, please visit: