QlikView Takes Top Honours

QlikView Takes Top Honours in Query Speed, Benefits Achieved, Inclination to Buy More and Lowest Consulting Spend

QlikTech, the world’s fastest-growing Business Intelligence (BI) software company, scored exceptionally well in the newly released BI Survey 8 the world’s largest independent survey of Business Intelligence and Performance Management users conducted by the Business Application Research Center. The company ranked first in ease of use and customer loyalty, outperforming industry leaders SAP (Business Objects), Oracle (Hyperion) and IBM (Cognos).

The survey showed that overall, QlikTech customers were the most loyal. Customer loyalty is one of the most coveted categories among vendors, according to Nigel Pendse, author of the survey, “because maintenance revenue and sales of additional licenses to existing customers are much more profitable than winning business from new customers. Consequently, most vendors work hard to achieve it.

QlikTech ranked among the highest in the following survey areas:

  • Ease of use for end users was cited by 56 percent of respondents for QlikView (the highest level) but only six percent for SAP BI/BW and 13 percent for Microsoft.
  • Fast query performance was a key factor for QlikView buyers but only one percent for SAP and two percent for Crystal Reports.
  • Most likely to achieve benefits QlikTech was one of the vendors cited by users as having the largest Business Benefit Index (BBI), an overall calculation used to compare myriad factors throughout the survey ranging from faster or more accurate reporting to reduced costs and headcounts.
  • The inclination to buy more QlikView had the highest positive gap (the difference between those who do and don’t expect to buy more seats) at 50 percent. The overall average positive gap was the lowest ever recorded in this survey.
  • Least amount of spend on consulting QlikView users reported a median external consulting fee of $8.5k, while SAP (BI/BW) users spent the largest amount at $500k, Cognos at $127k and BO at $115k.
“We put the end user experience at the forefront of everything we do, and it’s gratifying to get this kind of unbiased feedback that acknowledges those efforts, said Lars, Bjork, CEO of QlikTech. We’ve always believed that if you have the end user in mind while you develop the product, the ease of use and customer delight will be an authentic result. The fact that we are an independent Business Intelligence company that does not have to integrate to platforms that may detract from the customer experience continues to work to our customers™ benefit.Now in its eighth year of publication, The BI Survey by Nigel Pendse is an annual report based on the world’s largest independent survey of BI and performance management users. More than 3,200 BI and performance management users were queried for this survey.

The BI Survey 8 uncovers the truth about why real-world organizations select BI products, how they use them and with what success. It also compares the leading products on the market across a number of key criteria such as performance, scalability and vendor support. Unlike many other surveys, it is not sponsored by any vendor and is 100 percent free of vendor influence.