Hajj management system for Ministry of Religious Affairs

This project is initiated by the Ministry of Religious Affairs (MoRA) to facilitate Hajj Management with effective use of IT in Managing & controlling the Hajj Agencies, Pilgrims and related information and provide support to Ministry and all Hajj Offices at Dhaka and KSA under the Hajj Policy. The main objective is to smoother the operation, reducing time in papers processing, supplement other government agencies in managing their works & providing better services to the pilgrims for Bangladesh. With a competitive bidding under CPTU, Business Automation Ltd. has been qualified for this project and got the contract for 3 years.

In the first phase, the company has established necessary infrastructure and solution for providing the services and in the second phase, providing information services to various stakeholders.

Hajj management is very critical in nature where lot of stakeholders are involved in different countries. Apart from the Ministry, different Hajj office & mission ( Dhaka, Jeddah, Makkah, Madina ), HAAB and hajj agencies, hajj guides, Saudi Embassy, Immigration police, pilgrims, journalists and common people. Some of them require certain services & data from the system and some of them require information only. Since, Ministry does not have any IT set up or personnel, the entire service were provided by Business Automation by deploying more than 50 personnel in Bangladesh & Saudi Arabia.

First, the database and website has been prepared under www.hajj.gov.bd and for information & data service, 50 service personnel were deployed at Dhaka, Jeddah, Makkah, Madinah, Mina & Arafah. The project initiated at August 2009 and concluded at January 2010 for the first year of operation.

Case Study :

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