Business Automation is an equal employment Company encourages employees to explore new ideas and enable their talents to improve the operation.

With more than 20 years of experience in ICT business in Bangladesh, Business Automation offers services in the area of custom application development; service-oriented architecture; mobile application development; system integration; etc. It’s comprehensive understanding of diverse business verticals and wide resources, Business Automation Ltd. mobilizes the right people, skills, and technologies to help organizations enhance its performance and transform cost burdens into competitive business assets.

The company has been driving it’s operation to achieve the following vision:

To empower organizations for better customer experience using technology, process and people. Its goals also include being the first choice among customers and employees.

To cater the demands of services from the clients, Business Automation welcome talents who want to learn and grow their expertise. To fulfill the dream, it offers learning environment with a team, training and encouragement to innovate.

Our current opportunities are listed below.

Chose your career path from a wide range of options spanning from IoT to machine learning. Get hands-on experience from the industry experts with decades of experience in the realm of software engineering. Hone your skills to better equip yourself and be a part of industry 4.0. 

Eligibility for application: Bachelor’s /Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering

More than 1 Year of experience
as a “Software Engineer”.


Here at Business Automation Ltd., we strive to innovate and stay ahead of the curve. Our queue management system is the pioneering solution implemented in renowned banks all over the country. Fulfil your hardware and software engineering dreams and get the experience of both worlds. Be a part of the research and development team to better the existing process. Acquire worldly experience of working with computer hardware to solve real-life problems.


Eligibility for application: Bachelor’s /Master’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering

Bachelor /Master Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

More than 1 Year of experience as a “Hardware engineer”.


Showcase your skills as a business development officer. Let the world know your true potential in the world of corporate sales. Polish your skills and apply in the real world.

Eligibility for application: Bachelor /Master Degree in Computer Science

More than 1 Year of experience

as a “Sales Executive”.


Internship at Business Automation Ltd.


Get a unique opportunity to start your career with an industry leader. Clinch your thirst of knowledge and be a part of a professional work environment with tools and technologies that impact lives of millions. Put your learnings into real-world problem-solving. Let your internship experience be the gateway to your future success for internship


Eligibility for application: Bachelor /Master Degree