Offshore Software Development

Recession Reality

The glory days seem far behind as stock prices fall, retail sales plummet, budgets are cut, and global markets struggle. Both businesses and government organizations are looking for ways to dramatically reduce costs, do more with less, and basically just survive. 

Investments for hiring a skilled offshore development team in South East Asia (e.g India or Bangladesh) are much less due to cost of living differences. So, our client gets skilled Programmers at very less investment and recurring cost. The client also saves on employment taxes and other overheads. Thus start planning for future needs and get rid of the hassle of finding and retaining qualified programmers. We have a plan, to cut your company's product development or service expenses and make it more profitable. Our prices just can't be ignored when you run a business.

We are the leading Offshore Development service company in Bangladesh. We align ourselves with our customers as partners to assist them in achieving their goals and objectives. We would be delighted to demonstrate our offshore Development services to you. Please contact us to know more if you have any software Development work to Outsource?

Dedicated Staff
When you set up an offshore development center with Business Automation, you get All hardware, software licensing and office infrastructure already in place A dedicated team of professionals who will learn your business and become a part of your team. Seamless collaboration between offshore office and client project staff through live chat/email/voice/video. All staff assigned to your team will report directly to you or your project manager and follow your directives and timelines.

Project Based
Are you looking for professionals to help you build your projects? If so, consider Business Automation as your partner. We will work closely with you to understand your project's requirements, deadlines, technologies and needs to determine the best team to make your project a success. Also, you can decide whether you plan to manage the project internally and utilize our development and testing resources, or prefer to have one of our project managers lead the team.

Maintenance Projects
Just because your project is complete does not mean you don't need professional technical support for your existing applications. Our staffs are available to you on a dedicated basis to review your existing applications and provide you the support and technical updates that are needed to maintain the competitiveness of your applications. If you are a new customer to Business Automation, ask us about our maintenance plans that enable you to take care of your application beyond the major development phase. Maintenance Services are available to your regardless where you had your application developed.

  • One Week trial period. For Integrating operating procedures and making them understand your larger organizational goals.
  • Select candidates after interviewing. This will help you to bring qualified professional specialists as needed for the job. We have talented young proficient in English professionals with university education from the best universities plus working experience in home and abroad.
  • Our Programmers can work in your time zone. Our Programmers work 48 Hrs a week (Saturday - Thursday, 9:00AM - 17:00PM).
  • We have a competitive edge as market leaders in Bangladesh with lower cost of operation in sourcing skilled developers and designers.
  • We have a dedicated team that specializes in documentation and technical writing with experience ranging from 3-10 years.
  • We believe and respect your clients' confidentiality. We adhere to the highest standards of confidentiality and ensure maximum security during data transfer, storage and access.
  • Support team is available 24/7.

For ODC Inquiry please contact:

Jahidul Hasan, CEO
Mobile: +8801819224119
Shoeb Ahmed, Director, Business Development
Mobile: +8801711525711


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